This is the homepage of Pablo J. González, a Lecturer of Geophysics (since July 2016) working in the Geology and Geophysics group at the Department of Earth, Ocean, and Ecological SciencesSchool of Environmental Sciences, University of Liverpool (Liverpool, UK).

My research interests are focused on the understanding of the mechanisms that promote Earth’s surface deformation and stress conditions in and around volcanoes and fault zones. In fact, our group uses satellite geodesy techniques and develops analytical methods to accurately measure Earth’s surface displacements. Using sophisticated computer modeling constrained by the surface displacements, we address questions about the mechanics of magmatic systems and earthquake faulting. We are also interested in reservoir mechanics (e.g., aquifers, geothermal systems) and its cross links with other Earth processes (induced seismicity).

Check out my research pages. If interested in any of the topics, or want to propose a new one, please send me an email. I am always looking for outstanding students to work with. Some of my current research topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Volcano flank deformation (seismic potential) and its relation with active magmatic systems,
  • Mechanics of slow-slip events in volcanic and tectonic areas,
  • Coupling of stress change and rate-and-state models for sill propagation,
  • Mechanisms of deformation in aquifer and geothermal systems in volcanic regions,
  • Induced seismicity,
  • Mechanical effect of transient loading on the lithosphere,
  • Continental deformation at diffuse plate boundaries, and
  • Geodynamics of Oceanic Island Volcanoes.