My old-fashion list of researchers’ personal websites

Back in late 2003 when I started my research career as graduate student, it was far more common to find lists of links to personal websites or institutions. In fact, I enjoy to spend time visiting 1.0 websites with plain text and links to research papers in PDF. Currently, this practice has progressively disappeared along this last decade. However, I still find tremendously useful to visit regularly personal webpages of a handful set of researchers and university professors. Sometimes, I find papers that I wasn’t aware and/or publicly available software, with which someone can use or inspire for new developments. Obviously, this list of links cannot be comprehensive and it is extremely bias to my research interests. However, I think this list could be of interest to someone out there, as a way to dig and explore research material.

Please add below in the comments section other personal research websites. If they provide usefull information to the general geodesy (InSAR and GNSS) and natural hazards interests, surely I can add them to the list. In any case, they will be posted there down there too.

InSAR and beyond (those who primarly use InSAR to investigate how Earth works):

It deserves a distinguished section, the quite limited jet set of geodetic volcanologists:

The following two lists are far less complete.



*No website, but a must in a volcano geodesy list.


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