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2016 AGU Fall meeting

Although, this year I will not attend San Francisco, CA, USA for the annual Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union. I would like you to draw attention to our work to be presented: On Tuesday, Tim Wright (Leeds) will present on my behalf our latest results and developments for LiCSAR (a system to automatically […]

The M6.2 Accumoli earthquake, central Italy

A magnitude 6.2 (Mw) earthquake struck Central Italy, approximately 45 km North of the town of L’Aquila where a destructive magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred in April 2009.   The earthquake occurred at 10 km depth on a crustal fault in the Apennine region in central Italy. The relatively shallow depth of the earthquake has meant […]

3D-DEF code and manual/tutorial (.pdf)

Recently, I encountered a ground deformation problem where the slip along a particular fault seems not partitioned (distributed) as usual. Most of the elastic dislocation codes assume that slip partitions about half of the slip on one side block (hangingwall) and the other half along the other block (footwall), e.g., the popular Okada codes. These […]

SOAR project miniworkshop

Today (2013-05-08), it will held a Radarsat-2 SOAR project miniworkshop at Dept. Earth Sciences #WesternU. This 2-hour miniworkshop is dedicated tohighlight the capabilities of Radarsat-2 to imaging the Earth, potential applications and programs for acquiring data. An introductory talk will be give by Stéphane Chalifoux (CSA). In addition, three talks will present current results using […]

Carta Abierta al IGN: Política de acceso a datos científicos

Estimado Sr./Sra., Me dirijo a Ud. para solicitar que hagan pública su política de acceso a datos científicos generados por el Insituto Geográfico Nacional de España (IGN). Creo que es de interés público, y en particular de aquellos científicos españoles e internacionales interesados en procesos geológicos y geofísicos ocurridos en el territorio español y sus […]

My old-fashion list of researchers’ personal websites

Back in late 2003 when I started my research career as graduate student, it was far more common to find lists of links to personal websites or institutions. In fact, I enjoy to spend time visiting 1.0 websites with plain text and links to research papers in PDF. Currently, this practice has progressively disappeared along this […]