Current projects (only as Principal Investigator)

2014-2016 – Mapping ground surface deformation due to natural hazards using ALOS-2 interferometry, funded by Japanese Space Agency (JAXA), (free satellite data)

2015 – Very-High-Resolution (VHR) topography to assist post-eruption reconstruction planning in the Island of Fogo, Cape Verde, funded by Climate and Geohazards services (University of Leeds), (6k GBP)

2013 – Shallow subsurface structure of flank collapse structures in oceanic island volcanoes, funded by the Academic Development Fund of the University of Western Ontario, (8,500 CAD)

2012-2014 – Mechanism and origin of slow slip events across fault systems, funded by the Canadian Government – NSERC (, (140,000 CAD)

2012-2015 – Determination of the 1992-2010 deformation field in the Canary Islands by means of ERS-1/2, ENVISAT and ALOS radar images: Implications in the volcano monitoring system definition (CAT1:11021), funded by the European Space Agency, (free satellite data)

2011-2013 – New insights into volcanic processes using experimental bistatic high sampling rate TDX-SAR data, funded by the DLR (;id=432), (free satellite data)

2011-2013 – Error estimation in multitemporal SAR interferometry using Radarsat-2 data, funded by the Canadian Space Agency, (free satellite data)

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